Finding Help With Those Brick Walls in Holmes County

There are many County resources available. If you own any County books (or have access to), whether listed or not, and will provide reference information, please let me know. As you can see, volunteers are needed.

Lookup requests should be limited to one name, or perhaps two if it is a married couple. Information given will be minimal, for example if it is a cemetery lookup, the information will be the name of the cemetery and the dates on the headstone. Please do not ask for "everybody with X surname" or an entire family group, or for hardcopies to be mailed; the volunteers have been asked not to comply with such requests. Our lookups will extend to searching the book to determine if the book would be helpful to you in your research. Should the book prove useful, we can provide the authors address and ordering information.

Feel free to request reference information from the following resources. Please limit your request to one name per request.

Further, if you are interested in helping to make this site the best in the state let me know (see email link in footer). There is much to be done that will help those researching their families in Holmes County.

Off-site Research Links for information about Holmes County

The following is a list of links to off-site resources with information related to Holmes County. If you know of a link that needs to be added to this list please let me know.

Look-up Volunteers in and around Holmes County

The nice folks below have offered to do lookups in books and records they own to aid you in your search. They wouldn't have offered if they weren't extra nice, but please don't take advantage of their good will.
If you have any Holmes County Books, CD's or other records at your fingertips and would be willing to do lookups for other researchers, please let me know. I'll be happy to add your name to the list.

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